Although you may have already overpacked, it is so much fun to shop while on vacation. There is nothing better than going somewhere new and checking out all of the brand-new stores that you have never seen before. Whether you are someone who is into vintage stores and deals, or you like boutique shops and high-end brand names, Mt. Airy has it all.

After spending multiple days going hiking, whitewater rafting, fishing, and hunting, it might be time to chill out and spend a day wandering around town. The best thing to do in this case is to check out the individually owned stores that help the local economy and open your eyes to some unique items, clothing pieces, and accessories that you won’t find in the typical chain stores.

We personally love walking around downtown Mt. Airy during spring, giving us the chance to get a coffee, soak in the sunshine, chat with locals, and see what the typical life is like here. The downtown section of Mt. Airy features museums, wineries, restaurants, cafes, antique malls, and much more. Keep reading to see the best spots to find souvenirs, trinkets, clothes, and everything in between in our ultimate Mount Airy shopping guide!

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Unique Mt. Airy Stores

There are tons of unique Mt. Airy stores that you won’t find in your typical chain section, strip mall, or shopping center. Mt. Airy has stores like antique shops, collectible stores, arts and crafts stores, historical venues, and much more.

Memories on Main Antique and Collectibles is one of the top shops to visit if you are interested in picking up some new collectibles that you won’t find elsewhere. Memories contain kitchen utensils and dishes, old China to spruce up your kitchen, antique clocks to store as a centerpiece in your house, and much more.

The Mayberry Flea Market is a popular venue for locals and tourists alike, featuring antiques, play areas for your kids, and much more. Head here on the weekends after 7 am to walk around the expansive garage, check out the different vendors every week, pick up some collectible items, and spend quality time with your family.

A woman shopping in one of the many Mt. Airy stores.

Another tourist destination and cool spot to take photos, collect memorabilia, and spend time with your friends and family is Rockford General Store. This store isn’t just for picking up items, but more of an attraction that brings in people from all over the state. The Rockford General Store also features freshly made food, like burgers, hot dogs, fresh apple pies, and sweet treats.

Lastly, Mayberry Antique Mall is the final antique store that offers a premier North Carolina shopping destination right in the heart of Main Street, featuring vintage clothes, cool antiques, interesting furniture, homeware decorations, and much more. This exciting and widespread store is open Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm and even on Sundays from 12:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

We recommend coming here on a weekend after a morning hike to see all they offer. The mall features interesting artwork, handmade chairs and furniture, old-school housing decorations, unique trinkets, handmade souvenirs, and other items that we think you will love to bring back home to your house.

Shopping Centers

Suppose you need to pick up some high-end labels, dresses for date night on your vacation, or specific items. In that case, going to shopping centers can give you the most options for a short time.

We recommend going to Mayberry Mall to check out dozens of Mt. Airy stores that offer shoes, clothing items, decorations, and much more.

Enmar Accessories is a mobile phone accessories store that is great if you forget your charger or Bluetooth headphones at home during vacation. Belk is a designer store that offers menswear, women’s clothes, handbags, jewelry, and bags. We also love seeing what is available in Hobby Lobby, featuring discounts on holiday items, summer toys, spring fashion clothing, and St. Patrick’s deals.

Maybe you want to pamper yourself during a shopping spree. If so, head to LA Nails in Mayberry Mall to get a fresh pedicure or manicure before going out of town for the night. It’s a great way to de-stress from the hustle and bustle of the busy shopping mall!

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Next, we love going to the Bargain Bins in the shopping center to score serious deals on super low-priced items that make us feel good about buying dozens of shirts, pants, shorts, and accessories. You can find clothes for as low as $2, suitcases for $20, and extremely discounted tools.

Lastly, take a visit to Shoe Dept. in Mayberry Mall to pick up some sandals, heels, or running shoes for your vacation. We know that sometimes you forget things while packing, so Shoe Dept. is perfect for picking up some heels for a date night, casual footwear for walking around town, or athletic shoes for playing tennis or hiking on your holiday.

Mt. Airy Shopping Center

Another famous Mount Airy shopping mall and large-scale shopping center that is popular every day of the week is Mt. Airy Shopping Center. This expansive retail destination is located right in the heart of the town, so you can easily get here by car, bike, public transportation, or foot in just a few minutes.

This shopping center has all of the big names for department stores and groceries, so you can always find what you are looking for. Head to Wal-Mart to pick up some good department items for decorating your house, pool toys for use in your private pool, inexpensive clothing and accessories, and much more.

Or check out Rite Aid Pharmacy if you forgot your sunscreen at home, need to pick up some last-minute skin care products, or purchase shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair healthy. Suppose you need to purchase some other bits and bobs to stay healthy on vacation. In that case, Safeway offers an expansive grocery section, homeware, and miscellaneous items for your property rental.

The main perk of this shopping center is that it doesn’t only feature department stores and grocery outlets, but it features high-end and specialty stores that you won’t find in a typical mall. Head to GameStop to purchase some video games for your kids as a present. You can also go to The Shoe Show to purchase hiking shoes, runners to stay fit, or heels for date night.

Other great Mt. Airy stores to check out during your trip here include Jersey Mike’s Subs for a filling and tasty lunch, Domino’s for purchasing takeaway pizza to bring home to your family for movie night, and Chipotle for a Mexican-fueled meal that is sure to keep you going all day long!

Boutique Stores

If you are in the market for high-end clothing items, brand-name accessories, and boutique specialty items, don’t fret — there are some boutique stores and designers that you can find in Mt. Airy which will suit your fancy.

Check out Kate’s Thrifty Boutique if you are in the market for trendy and ‘hip’ clothes that come at a fraction of the price of what they would normally be. Find high-end and fancy brands in Kate’s that work for your price range and style.

North Carolina shopping offers plenty of chances to find unique items.

Food Shopping

During your stay in Mt. Airy, NC, you can visit numerous grocery stores, high-end food stores, organic markets, and produce stalls. For a filling lunch and snacks, head to Mill Creek General Store and Deli Restaurant on Pine Street.

We recommend ordering one of the signature sandwiches and wraps, like the Mill Creek with roast beef and Muenster cheese, Shorty’s Mill with pepperoni, salami, ham, mozzarella, provolone cheese, and Italian seasoning, or the Dellinger Mill with Reuben corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and thousand island dressing on marble rye bread. Yum!

Another great shop to pick up some fresh produce, snacks, drinks, and everything in between is the Food Lion on West Lebanon Street in the heart of the town center. Walking here in the morning is super easy to pick up some coffee to bring back home and make for your guests!

Food stall like those you can find at a Mt. Airy farmers' market.

Outdoor Stores

If you are taking the time to come to Mt. Airy, chances are you want to spend tons of time outside in the beautiful spring weather. Mt. Airy is home to numerous outdoor-based activities, including hiking, water sports, fishing, bird watching, walking, biking, and much more. You can always find something to do, no matter the time of day, location, or weather.

That is why you should always be prepared to head outside, explore, and see the incredible sights surrounding your house from Carolina Getaway Cabins. And there is no better way to prepare for a five-hour hike, two-hour fishing charter, or multi-hour bike ride by going to one of the nearby outdoor stores to find outdoor gear, pick up athletic clothes, and nab hiking shoes.

One of the best outdoor stores for all of your outdoor needs is Fancy Gap Outfitters. This cool-looking shop features casual lifestyle clothing and outdoor gear, including footwear, accessories for hiking and fishing, and other items that make your adventure easier. Located right on North Main Street, this shop truly has it all, featuring brands like Dakine, Hari Mari, Keen, Merrell, Patagonia, and Sanuk.

Another must-visit store in Mt. Airy is the famous warehouse-type building, Robby’s Sales. Robby’s is one of the best spots for avid outdoorsy people keen to go hunting or fishing in the great outdoors surrounding downtown Mt. Airy. This huge, industrial-style building has it all, including workers with tons of knowledge on the best equipment for your needs and price range.

Robby’s has been a local staple for many decades, helping locals and tourists alike find their outdoor gear, army surplus needs, work clothes, fishing bait, tackle, and household items since 1946.

Lastly, suppose your kids want to purchase some tennis rackets to challenge one another to a game, buy a soccer ball to go play at the local park or pick up some running shoes to wear on a hike. In that case, Mayberry Sporting Goods has all of your sports and outdoor needs. Located right on South Main Street, this expansive store is good for those who forget something back at home.

Stay with Us at Carolina Getaway Cabins

After an entire day of North Carolina shopping, you might be a bit tired. We don’t blame you. Haven’t you ever heard the phrase “shop ‘til you drop?” If that’s exactly what you did, it might be time for you to head back home, prop your feet up on the couch, and put your favorite flick or streaming show on the flatscreen TV.

And when you stay with us at Carolina Getaway Cabins, you can do just that. All of our pristine properties are located close to the many shopping areas, so you can walk home on foot, take public transportation, or hop in the car for only a few minutes. We make it super easy for you to explore and get around.

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Not to mention, our cozy and comfortable properties offer the perfect respite after many hours of shopping, exploring new shopping centers, and using your new outdoor gear. We offer plush bedrooms, luxurious dining rooms, modern kitchens, and cozy living rooms that help you get the rest you need to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go the next day.

Doesn’t this sound much better than staying in a crowded and cramped hotel room? We think so too. Browse our rental options at Carolina Getaway Cabins today or give us a call to get started planning the vacation of your dreams.

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