There is so much to do in Mt. Airy at any time of the year, but we think spring is the best time to visit this bustling mountain town. There are many activities for you and your kids to stay entertained, including cultural attractions, outdoor sports, cool cafes, mouthwatering restaurants, shopping centers for last-minute gifts, trinkets, and clothes for hiking or date night.

But what if you are pressed for time and can’t put together an itinerary? Don’t worry about it—we have taken care of the logistics for you. We know that planning a vacation can be hard to do, especially when you are busy with work, school, family, and friends. We have included a list of the top things to do during the spring in North Carolina so you can just focus on having a good time!

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Going hiking is one of the best activities you can do all year round, but it is especially beautiful in the spring. You can choose from endless paths, ranging from easy nature strolls you can do with your kids to more challenging, lung-busting peak climbs. We love the variety that is offered here in Mt. Airy, so you can do an early morning hike before breakfast or an all-day adventure.

One of our favorites is Moore’s Wall Loop, offering panoramic and extremely scenic views from Moore’s Knob, Hanging Rock (a great picnic spot), Sauratown Mountain, and other peaks nearby. The circuitous route offers just the right amount of challenge and the perfect 360-degree viewing platform tower at the top, so you can sit here, have a rest, and check out the expansive forests.

Another fantastic hiking destination for visitors to North Carolina in the spring is Hanging Rock Trail, featuring incredible views at the challenging summit, wide open views throughout the climb, and rock formations that your kids will love to climb on. You can also change the variety of the hike by adding Cook’s Wall Trail, Hike to House Rock, and Hike to Five Peaks to add more of a challenge to this multi-hour jaunt.

A trail with flowers like those found in spring in North Carolina.

Do you want to say you hiked the Appalachian Trail but don’t want to hike the entire thing? We don’t blame you! Instead of being out on the trail for months on end, you can take this easy path that combines the Appalachian Trail and Spur Trail for an easy and rewarding walk that you can do with people of varying fitness levels.

If you are on vacation with your kids, then going to Haw Orchard Mountain for an easy hike is a fantastic moderate route that you can do with young kids and older adults. We love this Haw Orchard Mountain and Twin Pinnacles Loop path, which brings you through fields of wildflowers to an exposed summit, offering the perfect spot for sun tanning and bringing a picnic lunch.

Water Sports

If you are out and about on a warm spring day, chances are you are feeling a bit overheated! We don’t blame you. After a long hike, it can be the best idea to find a nearby lake, river, or stream and jump in. Fortunately, there are tons of water sport companies, rental locations, and bright blue ponds for you to use during your time here.

For those with younger kids, heading to the Beechnut Family Campground, located only a few minutes from the downtown area, is a great idea. You can cool off in a communal pool, bring your little toddlers to the kiddie pool, and chill out on a hot spring day. Suppose you would rather go somewhere with a few more activities. In that case, the Homeplace Recreational Park offers watersports like fishing and kayaking.

Other watersport places to visit in North Carolina in spring include Fisher River Park, which features mountain biking trails, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and much more for you to enjoy during your springtime stay. Families also love going to Westwood Park to teach their kids how to fish, camp out on the dock, and try their luck at catching huge trout and salmon in the crystal-clear water.

Fly fishing in North Carolina in the spring.

Want to spend some time in air conditioning after a lung-busting hike? Of course, you do. Head to Reeves Community Center any time during the week to swim laps, watch your kids have fun diving off the diving board, and relax in the air conditioning while you swim a few laps in the pool.

You can also head to Yadkin River Adventures to rent gear, go on a full-day or half-day trip with professionals, and see incredible nature as you paddle on a kayak or canoe. Yadkin River Adventures is one of the best pro rental companies in the area, offering 2-, 4-, and 6-hour trips to suit your needs and specific itinerary.

We recommend checking out their trip destinations to see if there is a watersports-based adventure that sounds like the perfect idea for your vacation. You can select a short 2-hour trip to Rockford Access to go on a quick excursion on the river or choose a combo between Fisher River and Yadkin River for more fishing time.

Go Out for Coffee and Breakfast

Waking up in the morning and knowing you are going to have a great cup of coffee and a tasty breakfast is one of the best feelings in the world. Luckily for you, Mt. Airy is home to cute coffee shops and cool cafes that will have you feeling caffeinated and energized, ready to take on any type of springtime adventure that may come your way.

We recommend going to Heavenly Cafe right in the heart of the downtown area on S Andy Griffith Parkway. This down-home and no-frills spot is truly what the usual mountain vibe is like offering no fuss, tasty food, large plates, and friendly service. Order one of the towering breakfast sandwiches, like the Hungry Man, with three eggs, three meats, cheese, and your choice of hero or bagel. Or try the cold sandwiches, salads, or pancakes for something different. We personally love the hot sandwiches for a cold spring morning, like the ‘Heart Attack,’ featuring chicken cutlet, bacon, American cheese, and tons of mayo.

Another great spot to check out during your vacation here is Barneys’ Cafe, a local staple and tourist favorite. This popular breakfast spot offers typical classics and specialties, like the Mayberry Club, featuring ham, turkey, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, and your choice of bread. Or try the massive breakfast sandwiches and biscuits, like the country ham and tenderloin with buttery biscuits.

For those who just want a strong cup of coffee in the morning to give them an energy boost before going hiking, Keep Smiling A Latte Lesson and Co is a popular espresso-laden spot well known among locals and tourists. This cool shop on Pine Street offers a modern ambiance and strong coffee drinks, like iced lattes and affogatos, that we love for a sleepy spring morning.

Another cool cafe that is a must-visit during your spring getaway in Mt. Airy is Brady’s Espresso, Donuts, and Roastery in New Market Crossing on W Independence Boulevard in Mt. Airy. Open every morning at 7 a.m., this early morning breakfast spot is great for a sweet treat and takeaway coffee on the way to a trailhead.

Spring Events

Along with cool places to visit in North Carolina in spring, some annual events only take place during the spring months, giving you even more incentive to come here during this popular time. You’ll have fantastic weather, fewer crowds than in the summer months, cool live music events, holiday excursions, and other cool activities to do during your stay here.

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We highly recommend planning your trip to coincide with the annual Mayberry Food Truck Fest on April 21st on North Main Street in the heart of the downtown area. Suppose you are in the mood for a fun morning and afternoon of walking around picturesque Mt. Airy, trying food from all over the world, meeting locals, and feeling the sunshine on your face. In that case, we can’t think of any better date.

Have an Al Fresco Dinner Out on the Town

A final springtime activity that we love doing when we are in Mt. Airy in March, April, or May is going out to dinner in the downtown area and sitting outside. Summer can be too hot to sit outside in the sunshine, whereas the fall and winter are often too cold with the strong mountain breeze. Spring is the ideal time to order a drink, share an appetizer, and sit outside as you watch the sunset over the hills.

We love going to The Loaded Goat to enjoy modern American food, tasty craft beer, and good vibes. To start the meal on a high note, order the fried pickle chips with dill pickle slices, fried green tomatoes with goat cheese, or the sausage fest, complete with bratwurst, Polish dogs, and Italian sausage. Then, try one craft beer pour and hang out on the porch to feel the cool spring breeze.

For a main dish, you can’t go wrong with a burger. What pairs better with a tasty IPA or stout than a burger? Nothing! We love the Banging Sweet Onion Mushroom Swiss with roasted red pepper aioli and sweet onions. We could eat this for dinner every single night of the week.

Another great spot for a date night is the Gondola Italian Restaurant on West Lebanon Street. It features Italian Comfort food, huge pours of wine, and friendly service that keeps us coming back for more every single year. We love the family-style vibe of this restaurant, offering shared platters and huge portions that are fun for bringing the kids and authentic Mediterranean dishes.

Get a tasty burger or chicken sandwich on your Mt. Airy vacation.

Cultural Attractions

Sometimes, being outside in the lovely springtime weather can get a bit tiring. We know that the hours and hours of sunshine can be a bit draining and energy-zapping, so spending some time inside just relaxing can be a great afternoon activity. Luckily for you, there are dozens of cultural activities for you and your friends or family to do in Mt. Airy to keep you entertained.

We recommend going to Mount Airy Visitor’s Center to learn some more about the history of this bustling mountain town and how it came to be. Understanding the come-up of this cute and buzzy location can help give you a better idea of why it is so popular today. Then, check out the Andy Griffith Museum to pay homage to an incredible artist who changed the lives of so many people.

Another great cultural attraction to visit during your spring vacation in Mt. Airy is a field trip to the Mayberry Replica Courthouse. You can feel like you are taking part in a real trial and experience what it was like to be brought up in charges in past times. Seeing how the legal system used to work can give kids a fresh perspective and insight into how much things have changed over the years.

Suppose you want someone to bring you to all the biggest spots around town. In that case, we recommend using a professional company to organize a tour. One of the most well-known tours is the Mayberry Squad Car Tours, where you can ride around in a vintage police car with two ‘police officers’ who bring you to the biggest attractions in the area. For just $50 for the car, you can pretend like you are a real-life fugitive and see the best sights from the back of an old-time cop car. The ‘police officers’ will take you to various locations, like the Mayberry Courthouse, Andy’s desk in the courthouse, Foley’s Market on Main Street, Mayberry Motel and Radio TV Repair, Goober’s tow truck location, and other hidden gems.

Plan Your Getaway to North Carolina in the Spring

As you can see, you will never run out of fun items to add to your itinerary when you visit the cute and quaint mountain town of Mt. Airy, North Carolina in the spring. Plus, when you stay with us at Carolina Getaway Cabins, you can rest assured that your home, cabin, condo, or apartment is pristine, relaxing, and cozy.

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Head back to one of our cute cabins after a long hike to get a great night of sleep and wake up feeling rested and ready to tackle the rest of your fun-filled vacation. Contact us today to get your spring vacation started!

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