Spending the holidays together as a family, couple, or with a group of friends is a magical time. Make sure you find fun things to do in Mt. Airy this holiday season! In the following blog, you’ll find all kinds of suggestions for how to spend the Mount Airy holidays.

Best Hikes in Mount Airy, NC

There are tons of hikes and walks for you to do with your friends or family in Mt. Airy, NC. No matter whether you are a new hiker, expert, or an intermediate walker who just wants to explore new surroundings, view nature, and go for a walk with your friends, there is something for everyone.

Not only are you right by the heart of the Appalachian Trail, but you are close to waterfalls, shorter spur trails, lush green forests, and snow-capped peaks. We love the variety here, making hiking one of the best activities for you to do during your time in Mt. Airy during the spring, summer, or fall seasons.

First off, we have the Granite City Greenway for walking, hiking, or biking. We like this easy, 6.6-mile path that saunters around the rivers, lush green spaces, and access to boat launching and fishing. If you are interested in going for a nice stroll before or after getting a meal in the Yadkin Valley, this is a great way to burn off a few calories.

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Secondly, there is no better place to go with kids or older adults than Carter Falls. This adventurous and fun trail is super short at just 0.5 miles but packs a punch. This accessible one-way trail offers a walk through old-growth forests and ends at the incredible Carter Falls, the perfect picture spot for an Instagram photo.

Next for your Mount Airy vacations, the Elkin and Allegheny Rail Trail is perfect for an early morning cycling ride or a run with your dog. We love going for a jog on this flat and gravel path early in the morning, following along the old Railroad, Big Elkin Creek, and the Elkin Municipal Park.

If you are a more intense and adrenaline-laced hiker, then you can’t go wrong with some of the harper hikes on the list around Mt. Airy. We highly recommend the difficult Mount Rogers Loop via the Appalachian Trail, providing far-reaching viewpoints, steep climbs, and incredible vistas that take you almost 11 miles through the forest.

We also recommend the Moore’s Wall Loop for a moderate looped trail that brings you through the lush green pastures, dense forest, and undulating hills. Pair this moderate path with the Hanging Rock Trail for a total of 9 miles and a full day out in the beautiful Mt. Airy weather.

Hiking Mount Airy

Ride the Good Time Trolley Tour

One of the best things to do during Mount Airy holidays is go on a ride of the Good Time Trolley Tour. This exciting journey takes you through historical sites, the downtown area, cobblestone streets, and incredible artifacts. We love going on this historical tour with a knowledgeable guide that tells you more about famous people who used to live here, the Mayberry history, and The Andy Griffith Show.

Head here any time during your stay to hop on board, share the trolley with a dozen other people, and even stop at a few breweries, bars, wineries, or cafes to sample a drink (or two) during your trip. At just $20 per person, this is a fun multi-hour excursion that is great for people of all ages.

Walk Around the Andy Griffith Museum

A must-do during your time in Mt. Airy this holiday season is buying a ticket and taking a tour through the Andy Griffith Museum, featuring the latest collection of Andy Griffin Memorabilia in the world. Plus, it is right in the heart of Mt. Airy, meaning you can easily walk here from any one of our accommodation options in just a few minutes.

You can also visit the Gift Shop after you are done walking through the collections. Purchase a last-minute souvenir or clothing item for you to give as a stocking stuffer for Christmas or a late Thanksgiving present.

Next, head to the Museum Theatre to watch a show, gaze at the incredible Mayberry Mural painted wall, and attend a special event held by the Surry Arts Council. You might even be able to catch a show, attend a class, or sign up for a workshop during your Mount Airy vacations.

Pick Up Some Gifts on Main Street

The next must-do activity during the holiday season this winter is to go to Main Street and find your favorite shops for some personal gifts, last minute shopping, outfits for an upcoming date night, and much more. We love going to the Main Street Market to pick up some antiques that are hard to find elsewhere in the world. Or check out Mayberry on Main for stocking stuffers for your loved ones.

We also enjoy walking around the Mayberry Trading Post, an old-time store that is now a home goods store, offering items for your house, gifts, clothing items, and unique antiques that are special to Mt. Airy and the surrounding region.

For those who want to pick up something specialized, you can’t go wrong with getting some fudge from the Bear Creek Gifts and Fudge Factory. Curb your sweet tooth and purchase some fudge here to pair with a glass of wine in the evening.

You can also go to B&L Custom Jewelers to purchase a watch, necklace, or ring for your significant other this holiday season. We guarantee the year is never going to forget this special gift.

Or, if you need some new hiking shoes or a rain jacket for your upcoming hikes, walks, runs, or bike rides, Atlantic Coast Sports has all the sporting gear you may need for your holiday.

We also enjoy wandering around the Created Wonderfully Boudoir Photography store, ogling at the incredible artwork, and maybe picking up a painting or photograph to bring back home.

Mount Airy Main Street

Take a Mayberry Squad Car Tour

Feel like you’re truly driving around on a real ‘cop call’ as you sit in the passenger seat during a Mayberry Squad Car Tour through Mt. Airy. At just $50 for the entire car for 5 people or less, you can take a ride in the squad car that offers an authentic and FUN experience for people of all ages.

There is almost nowhere else in the entire country that you can ride in a traditional Barney’s car. Hop in the police cruiser and head over to the Andy Griffith Museum, swing by his house, cruise down Main Street, and maybe even pick up lunch or a drink at Snappy Lunch.

Plus, when you book a squad car tour, you can then get your very own customized photo opportunity in the Squad Car to bring back home as a souvenir. Smile and say cheese! This photo is definitely going in the vacation scrapbook.

See a Show at the Historic Earle Theatre

During a rare rainy day, date night with your loved one, or family night with your kids, there is nothing better to do than head to the local cinema. We recommend going to the Historic Earle Theatre to see what is currently playing, enjoy some popcorn, and sip on soda as you watch a flick. This historic and well-known theater is open every day from 12 to 2 pm, offering different showtimes during busy periods.

This historic theater was built nearly 100 years ago and was used for the premier of the ‘Gone With the Wind’ movie back in the early 20th century. The cinema sold tickets for $1 — which was A LOT back then — but since returned to the classic 10 cent tickets for adults after the incredible premier.

After an eventful few decades, the theater reopened in October of 1994 with a $1 ticket. The Downtown Cinema changed its name back to Earle in 2011 to bring back the old-school vibe of the theater and respect the heritage of this infamous building.

Breweries on Market Street

Get involved in the hustle and bustle of small-town life by going to Main Street in the evening, especially on the weekends, to get involved in the nightlife. We love going to the nearby restaurants, bars, breweries, and wineries to meet other people, try a few drinks, and chat with locals about life in Mt. Airy.

Head to the Vanishing Point Bar and Grill to try your luck at a game of pool and enjoy a pitcher, or two, of beer. You can also walk down the street to nearby Soho Bar and Grill for an upscale New York vibe bar that churns out great drinks and tasty cocktails. For those who want to pair a towering plate of fries, cheese sticks, or a hearty American grub with their drink, the Loaded Goat is a fan favorite.

Other promising spots for a strong drink, expansive tap beer draft menu, and carefully crafted cocktails include BOULDER, The Grille at Challedon, and The Greene Turtle Sports Bar. You can also walk to nearby breweries specializing in IPAs and stouts, like Thirsty Souls Community Brewing and Twin Arch Tavern.

Mount Airy Brewery

Grab Dinner in Downtown

Mt. Airy not only has ample outdoor activities, breakfast sports to fill up before a big day out on the town, boutique shopping for last-minute outfit options, and cute antique stores, but it also features ample bars, breweries, wineries, and restaurants that dot the bustling Main Street. If you are trying to find out what to do for your upcoming date night or night out with your kids, going out for dinner is a great place to start.

For those who want something a little less traditional, we highly recommend going to Kazoku Sushi and Bar. This incredible Japanese restaurant offers large sushi platters, fresh tempura, udon noodles, tasty fish, and warming soup that will help you feel healthy, full, and content after a long day of being outside in the brisk winter cold.

Another spot that we love to go to for good vibes, great drinks, and hearty plates is the Loaded Goat. If there is a game on TV that you are dying to see, or you just want to head somewhere with friendly people, tasty food, and ever-flowing beer, we can’t think of anywhere better than this small hole in the wall bar. This is a veteran-owned and family-friendly sports bar, pub, and restaurant that is popular among tourists and locals alike.

Not sure what to get? Try the fried pickles chips with a spicy ranch dipping sauce and the assuage fest to split with the table, featuring a flavorful combination of four sausages, spicy Cajun sauce, bratwurst, polish kielbasa, and sauerkraut. For a main dish, pair your ice-cold American pale ale with a tasty burger, like The Goat signature burger. This towering burger features oven-roasted tomatoes, caramelized onions, soft goat cheese, roasted red pepper aioli, and a side of crispy and mouthwatering fries.

We also enjoy going to the Gondola Italian Restaurant for date night or for a family feast. The portion sizes here are huge, so we highly recommend getting a few items to split with the table. Try the spaghetti with red sauce, carbonara pasta dish, cheese-filled calzone, and a salad to share with the others at your table to get a taste of authentic Italian food. And don’t forget a glass of red or white wine to really indulge in the experience.

Lastly, the 13 Bones Restaurant on Andy Griffith Parkway is one of the top restaurants for locals and tourists alike to enjoy at any time for lunch or dinner. This casual restaurant offers a laid-back vibe, hearty American plates, and tons of steak and seafood offerings for the ideal surf n’ turf platter.

We recommend getting the peel n’ eat shrimp to split with the table. If seafood isn’t your thing, buffalo wings are to die for and come with a choice of sauce, including hot and mild, sweet and spicy, barbecue, or your personal companion. For a main dish, the stacked sandwiches and hearty burgers are among the most popular on the menu. Try the Big Melt burger with lettuce tomato, grilled onions, and cheddar cheese for a filling lunch or tasty dinner.

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