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Explore The Fall Activities In Hocking Hills | Carolina Getaway Cabins

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Fall Activities in Hocking Hills

Whenever you come to visit Hocking Hills, you will find something for everyone to do here in the area. The fall season is a great time of year to see Hocking Hills from a whole new lens as the tree leaves begin to turn lovely shades of red, orange, and yellow across the treetops. A variety of activities are available for you to enjoy here in the area. The fall season is a wonderful time for such things as the summer rush is over and you will find the area to be more calm than usual. Take a look at some fall activities we think you will love here in Hocking Hills: 

Explore the Hocking Hills State Park 

It goes without saying that the Hocking Hills State Park is the most popular attraction here in the area. Exploring it from top to bottom is more achievable than ever when you visit in the fall. The crowds will not be as big as summer and the cooler weather makes it easier to stay moving on the trails longer. Exploring these rich trails is the perfect activity for the fall season. Hocking Hills State Park features seven distinct areas that you can enjoy at your leisure. These areas include Ash Cave, Old Man’s Cave, Rock House, Conkles Hollow, Cedar Falls, Cantwell Cliffs, and Whispering Cave. You will find maps and directions at the intersection of the trails letting you get around easily. Guests will find the trails to be of various difficulty levels but most of the trails are fairly easy and do not have much to elevation gain. Expect to see incredible areas that include recessed caverns, flowing waterfalls, streams and rivers, natural stone bridge, and sandstone cliffs. You may even see local wildlife around dawn and dusk if you are lucky. Hocking Hills State Park is open daily so you can stop by whenever during your stay in the area. Don’t forget about checking out seasonal activities and the visitor’s center as you stop by the park! 

Ride the King Hollow Tunnel 

The fall season is a great time to experience something new such as horseback riding. Visitors will be able to enjoy a relaxing horseback ride with the pros at Uncle Bucks Stable. This local stable will teach you all of the basics of enjoying a casual horseback riding experience from start to finish. Their tours will take you through the King Hollow Tunnel, a tunnel through the side of a mountain constructed out of wooden beams. Do not let the description scare you as the ride is very impressive and let you tell others you have ridden through a mountain. All riders are welcome for their wonderful activities that are perfect during the fall season when the travel season has quieted down.  

Arts and Crafts with The Decorative Arts Center of Ohio 

Just outside of town visitors will find the Decorative Arts Center of Ohio in Lancaster. Here visitors can enjoy various galleries put on from local artists in the state. There is even artwork from nationally acclaimed artists on display for you to see. Visiting is absolutely free and will go easy on your wallet. They even offer classes to teach specific arts and crafts to you and your children. This is the perfect way to unwind on a chilly day during the winter season. 

Have Fun with Hocking Hills Adventures 

Whenever you visit Hocking Hills during the summer season you will use Hocking Hills Adventures to find a water-based adventure along the Hocking River. Their tours are always fun and will keep you cool during the warmer months of the year. While the fall season is too late to enjoy a tubing trip down the river Hocking Hills Adventures does feature their Family Fun Center. This local attraction features go karts on a figure 8 loop, arcade room, and an 18-hole mini golf course. You will find yourself losing track of hours here at this exciting attraction in the area! 

Go Fishing 

While it might be too cold to swim or enjoy the water it is perfectly fine to go fishing. Local charters such as Ohio Belly Boat Fishing provides you with a professional charter across the many lakes in the area. Ohio Belly Boat Fishing takes you on a float tube similar to how many Canadian’s fish up North. You will find all of the amenities inside your tube so you remain comfortable from start to finish. Expect to find your next trophy size catch here in the area! 

Book Today for Hocking Hills 

There is no shortage of fun activities here in Hocking Hills during the fall season. We guarantee you will find a comfortable stay when you choose one of our cabins or lodges here in the area. Make sure to book today for the best time in the area! 

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