There are tons of reasons why you should consider going to the Blue Ridge Mountains for wonderful North Carolina corporate retreats for you and your business! You can find things to do that build a bond between you and your colleagues so you can get even better at your business. In the Blue Ridge Mountains, you can partake in outdoor activities, team-bonding events, casual meals and dinners, and nights out with your pals to facilitate a better friendship.

Tons of Outdoor Activities

You can partake in dozens of outdoor activities for corporate retreats that can help you build a deeper bond with your colleagues. One of the most exciting activities for you to do with your co-workers is to rise high above the clouds and take on some challenging hiking paths. Whether you want to do a beginner trail around a lake, or a challenging peak-climbing hike to the top of snow-capped mountains, this is a smart choice for you and your business.

We recommend doing the Mount Pisgah Hiking Trail for a short, 2.3-mile hike to the top of a summit that offers an observation deck and panoramic views. Another smart choice is the Crabtree Falls Hiking Trail to see wild plants, flora, fauna, and waterfalls. Lastly, we recommend the Craggy Pinnacle and Gardens Hiking Trails for you to do with your co-workers to get in a short and relaxing 1.4-mile round trip hike that offers 360-degree views, bright green forests, seated picnic areas, and wildflowers and fruits for you to pick along the way.

Another fun outdoor activity for you to do with your corporate colleagues is to go out on the water to see the mountain towns and hills from a different viewpoint. We recommend using a professional business, like Captain Joe’s Lake Adventures Boat Tours, The Paddle Zone for fun-filled rafting and whitewater paddling, Shallowford Bridge Tubing for tubing down the rapids, and the Toccoa River Kayak Trip for an exercise-induced half-day trip down the fast-flowing water.

Lastly, we love the Blue Ridge Mountains for corporate retreat locations in North Carolina to partake in long and scenic bike rides with our friends and co-workers! The Blue Ridge Mountains offers the Carvins Cove Mountain Biking for those who like steep drops and dusty trails, the Explore Park Mountain Biking if you would like a lesson or miles of trails as an exciting afternoon activity, or the Blue Ridge Parkway if you are a fan of road biking on these well-maintained roads and paths.

Corporate Retreat Sunset

Grab a Coffee

Are you in the middle of an important business deal? The best thing to do is to regroup over a cup of coffee early in the morning so you can plan your day ahead of you and figure out what to do moving forward. Luckily for you, the Blue Ridge Mountains offer dozens of coffee shops that have strong pours, free Wi-Fi, and great remote workspaces!

We recommend going to Blue Ridge Cafe and Catering for a coffee shop that has ample seating areas, Wi-Fi, and American meals in laid-back surroundings. You can also head to Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters if you want a modern and corporate vibe that has a brightly lit space, ample seating and large tables, and strong coffee beans. If you want a hearty American breakfast with your cup of joe in the morning, then the Canterbury Restaurant is one of the most popular in the entire state for breakfast and lunch. Lastly, Das Kaffee Haus offers bulk coffee and a relaxed space that is ideal for remote working.

Have a Business Dinner with Your Clients

There are tons of restaurants in the Blue Ridge Mountains that are great for bonding with your co-workers over a few drinks or having a nice meal with clients so you can seal the deal!

We recommend going to the infamous Blue Ridge Grill in Ashburn to enjoy good food, craft beer pours, and a friendly staff that can help get you anything you want and more during your dinner here. We also love going to the Black Sheep Restaurant in the Blue Ridge Mountains to sit outside by the fire, enjoy fine dining plates, and a formal vibe in this rustic home. We recommend getting the cold water, selecting oysters and the ahi tuna tacos with orange ginger slaw, unagi, and yum yum sauce to split with the table. As a main dish, you can’t go wrong with the Salmon Rockefeller with lump crab, spinach, bacon, Sambuca, parmesan, and herb potatoes.

Lastly, the Southern Charm Restaurant churns out Southern comfort dishes that bring a laid-back and casual vibe to bonding with your colleagues during your weekend getaway to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. We recommend getting fresh mozzarella bites to share with the table. Or try the Southern cheese ‘caviar’ with cheddar cheese, roasted red peppers, and mayonnaise! As a main dish, you can’t go wrong with one of the infamous burgers, like the Pimento Bacon Cheeseburger with crisp bacon and spicy pimento cheese. We also love the chicken platters, fried catfish filets, pork chop country platter, or the infamous Mama’s Homemade Meatloaf with green peppers, onions, and panko breadcrumbs.

Corporate Retreat Living Room

Plenty of Accommodation Options

There are dozens of accommodation options for you and your colleagues to share during your relaxing vacation in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Carolina Getaway Cabins offers large and luxurious North Carolina corporate retreats with modern appliances, numerous bedrooms for everyone to have their own space, cozy seating areas that are great for relaxing after a long day of work, and pristine locations that offer proximity to all there is to do and see in the local towns and the surrounding mountains.

Carolina Getaway Cabins has properties in the Yadkin Valley that have unique features that you can choose from, such as homes with hot tubs, pet-friendly houses, cabins for large groups, and special deals for cabins that can work for you and your group. We love the cabins for large groups if you want to bond with your coworkers and spend time with one another in a spacious and luxurious property.

Consistent Communication

Lastly, we think that you and your business should come to the Blue Ridge Mountains and stay with us at Carolina Getaway Cabins to use our professional hands-on services and local agents. Our on-the-ground agents can help get you anything you want, and more, during your stay with us. We keep you updated before, during, and after your stay, so you and your colleagues or clients can have any necessary items.

Unlike other rental companies, or trying to book an Airbnb, or hotel by yourself, we take care of all of the hard work for you. That way, you can just choose a home, show up, and enjoy a relaxing and stress-free corporate getaway with your newest co-workers! This is the best way to bond with one another and facilitate a great team environment. Contact us today for more information.

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