A wedding is one of the most important events that can happen in your life. This is the union between two people and marks the first day of the rest of your fairy tale with your spouse! We know that it can be stressful planning an event that is going to go off without a hitch. Plus, you need to take into account both sides of the families enjoying their day. This means that you need to consider the bride and groom in regard to the planning, location, and amenities offered to each guest during your life-changing ceremony!

This sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it? That is why we have put together this ultimate and foolproof Mount Airy wedding guide to one of the most pristine and picturesque places to have a wedding in the United States. If you are located on the East Coast, forget going to the overpriced New York City, overcrowded Disney World, and bland coastal cities that offer boring hotel rooms at a high price. We have a better idea in mind!

Mount Airy, NC is one of the top spots for you to enjoy outdoor activities, spend quality time with your loved ones, and spend your wedding at a pristine venue that offers unforgettable views of the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains. Check out these top-rated wedding venues for your big day!

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Elkin Creek

One of the most popular wedding venues for two people to rent for their big day is the Elkin Creek venue at the Elkin Creek Vineyard. This is the premier spot for a celebratory drink with some of the best wines in the entire state and spend an afternoon honoring the union of two people and the sanctimony of a marriage.

Elkin Creek Vineyard is a venue in Elkin that has been one of the top wedding venues in the entire Eastern Seaboard for over 20 years. Since 2001, this vineyard has been the home for countless couples to come, get married, and have a great party! At this location, you will be able to check out the history of the vineyard, like the original mill built over 100 years ago, sample local wines, and pair food perfectly with glasses of both red and white wines.

Whether you are just inviting your immediate family to this intimate gathering, or you are going to make a huge party that people will talk about for years, this is the ideal wedding location. You can choose from different places and packages offered at the property that make it easy to customize your big day. We recommend using the Get Ready Rooms to perfect your hair, have a pre-ceremony drink, and get your makeup done or choose your outfit. This is a great spot for your bridesmaids or groomsmen to chill out, have a drink, and reminisce on times past. Next, you can get ready for the big moment of walking down the aisle to the sounds of a peaceful waterfall as your friends and family look on in admiration.

Everything will go off without a hitch, as the team at Elkin Creek Vineyards always has a team event planner on hand so you can ask them any questions as needed. After the memorable ceremony, you and your guests can enjoy the provided food, drinks, and live music to get the party started and keep it going all night long!


Luna’s Trail Farm and Event Center – Westfield

Not in the mood for a traditional wedding venue that is often sterile? Then check out Luna’s Trail Farm and Event Center in Westfield! This trail farm and event center offers the perfect location for you to enjoy your wedding ceremony or pre-ceremony event, like a night-before party!

This 350-acre North Carolina Mountains wedding venue offers tons of space for you to take a morning walk, relax and calm the nerves in one of the numerous woodland areas, and see some wildlife before the big day. Your guests can also get ready in one of the nearby cabins and upstairs rooms at Big Creek Lodge, so it is convenient to all get ready together for the ceremony.

Not only does Luna’s provide catering for your big day, but you can also choose to bring in outside catering to the venue. This offers flexibility for specific catering requests and makes it easy, fast, and seamless to use Luna’s for your wedding without any hassle. Not to mention, this property offers air conditioning, which is great for summer ceremonies, covered pergolas with twinkle lights for nighttime events, and outdoor ceremony sites with cover during a rainy spell.

The Meadows at Walnut Cove

Another perfect wedding venue that we think is one of the top options for couples who are interested in spending time outside in nature, seeing all that the Blue Ridge Mountains has to offer, and enjoying a peaceful atmosphere before walking down the aisle is the Meadows at Walnut Cove. This is a rustic venue located just minutes away from Rock State Park, making it a great spot to have a wedding party after a morning hike with your family or friends!

As soon as you enter the town of Mount Airy, NC, we bet you will want to go to Rock State Park to start hiking and biking through the lush greenery and trees. Head to Walnut Cove near Rock State Park to reach the Meadows at Walnut Cove, featuring hundreds of acres of private land, blue ponds, wildlife, and a tobacco barn. The barn will be part of the ceremony, as this is used as an outside bar that serves up beer, drinks, and cocktails for your enjoyment!


The Barn at Reynolda Village

Another rustic venue that offers a unique take on a typical wedding ceremony is the Barn at Reynolda Village, featuring a historic, special event venue located right in the heart of the Reynolda Historic District. The bar and gardens at Reynolda Village offer tons of common space, outdoor areas, and luxury amenities that you won’t find in nearby venues, hotels, or restaurants.

Sunset at Misty Creek

If you are a hopeless romantic, you might feel like having a sip of a glass of red wine, holding hands with your newlywed partner, and gazing out at the sunset is the perfect evening after your nuptials. And you might be right! Even though this seems like a pipe dream and an unlikely fairytale, you can have this at the Sunset at Misty Creek. Sunset at Misty Creek is called ‘simply perfect’ by their own team, featuring an immaculate 28-acre property with rolling meadows, pavilions, water features, lush greenery, and a cocktail bar for upcoming events.

Serre Vineyards

There might be nowhere more romantic than a vineyard that offers great pours of red and white wine, provides an amazing backdrop for all of the nuptials’ photos, and offers great amenities and furnishings for your guests to enjoy. Serre Vineyards is just that! Look no further than a picture-perfect Mount Airy wedding venue than this facility offering over 70 acres of farmland, dozens of event spaces and shared rooms, dedicated wait staff to help you with all of your needs, and a bright and cheery atmosphere that is perfect for setting the tone for an unforgettable day.

Serre Vineyards offers both indoor and outdoor venues that we think are perfect for you to make the most out of the facilities here any time of the year. Even if you get ‘unlucky’ and have a rainy ceremony, you can enjoy the indoor amenities and cozy atmosphere of the indoor sites to host the festivities for you and your family.

We recommend choosing the wedding package that provides breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountain views that overlook the nearby peaks and lush green forests, evergreen trees, and a rustic environment that goes perfectly with a nature-centric wedding. You can say your final ‘I do’ to the man or woman of your dreams as you stand outside and check out the venue’s barn, have a few post-ceremony cocktails in the modern bar, and dance the night away with up to 200 other guests!

And don’t worry about being comfortable or entertained inside of the bar. You and your loved ones can enjoy an indoor and outdoor bar to keep the drinks flowing all night long, wireless speakers to play your first dance wedding song, and tables and chairs to hold your food and give you a spot to rest after you are on your feet for hours on end.

If you are unsure what to purchase for your upcoming ceremony, Serre Vineyards have done all of the hard work for you to put together two packages that offer the best services for you and your partner. The Airy Package offers a photo at one of the most Insta-worthy spots in the entire East Coast, Greenhouse Cottage for getting ready before your ceremony, custom tables and chairs for holding your guts, decorations that meet your unique specifications, and an al fresco dining plan that is perfect for enjoying a healthy and satisfying meal that you have always dreamed about! You can also purchase the ‘Serre Weekend Package’ featuring access to the 70-acre estate for hiking during sunrise with your friends, sitting and having s’mores at night by the fire pit, going fishing in the bright blue lakes, and enjoying morning mimosas after a tough hike up to one of the nearby peaks.


Round Peak Vineyards

Another winery that really sets itself apart from other North Carolina Mountains wedding venues near Mt. Airy is Round Peak Vineyards. This boutique winery not only offers some of the best bottles of red and white wine in the entire state, but they offer pristine amenities, luxurious food, great wait staff, and picturesque surroundings that make it one of the most sought-after spots for wedding ceremonies and parties.

Round Peak Vineyards offers the Skull Camp Loft and Brewery, featuring ‘The Loft’ with rustic ambiance, wrap-around outdoor porch for seeing birds and wildlife, buffet-style tables, and numerous seating options for your guests. This is great for small weddings that you want to keep low key!

If you have a bigger wedding group or enjoy spending more time outdoors on a summer wedding day, then we love the Bistro Wedding Package. This is great for a casual wedding when you want to enjoy the sunset, feel the cool breeze on your face, and sit under the covered gazebo to have your reception party and dance the night away. The Bistro Wedding Package offers a private gazebo ceremony, semi-private reception on the winery patio, black bistro tables, and an indoor patio room.

Would you rather have your wedding ceremony overlooking the winery and the lush green rolling hills? If you are not afraid of spending a bit more for this unforgettable day, we recommend looking into the Patio Wedding Package. This popular package is up to 100 people and lets you get ready in the nearby Cabin, hold your ceremony in the Gazebo, and enjoy a meal at the nearby bistro and patio room. You can even walk along the vineyard with fresh grapes as you marvel at the sunset in the distance.

Lastly, you don’t just have to enjoy your wedding here during the hot and humid summer months. We love the Winter Wedding and Event Package for those who are interested in white wedding and want to gaze at the beautiful winery in the comfort of their warm and brightly lit room. Hold your ceremony inside of the picturesque Gazebo or inside of the patio with twinkle lights to start a party of a lifetime. Patio curtains can help keep you warm as you sip on your drink that was made with your very own bartender. This package includes a private rental space, ceremony with folding chairs, indoor and outdoor space inside and outside of the winery, black iron bistro tables, patio room attached to the winery patio, and curtains!

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