Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of North Carolina, Dobson offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere that beckons travelers to explore its hidden gems. Beyond its natural beauty, this charming town boasts a vibrant community of local businesses that add character and authenticity to the area. As you plan your trip to Dobson, consider supporting these local establishments that contribute to the town’s heartbeat. Dobson’s local businesses promise every traveler a unique and enriching experience, from quaint boutiques and artisanal eateries to cozy cafes and dessert shops.

Neveria Los Arcos Queretanos

Neveria Los Arcos Queretanos is a delightful locally owned dessert shop in the heart of Dobson, NC, that promises an authentic taste of Mexico right in the heart of North Carolina. The shop offers a wide variety of Mexican delicacies that cater to every sweet craving. From refreshing ice cream flavors, both classic and inventive, to the delightful and colorful paletas (Mexican popsicles) that come in an array of fruity and creamy delights, Neveria Los Arcos Queretanos has something for everyone.

You’ll also find a delicious array of Mexican candy, each embodying the bold and lively flavors Mexico is famous for. But the offerings don’t stop there. If you’re in the mood for something savory, they serve up mouthwatering street corn, a popular and flavorful Mexican snack that balances perfectly with the sweet treats. When the sun is high, Neveria Los Arcos Queretanos is the perfect oasis to escape and cool down.

Shelton Vineyards

Indulge in a delightful sensory journey at Shelton Vineyards, a captivating destination nestled in the heart of Dobson, North Carolina. Discover the art of winemaking with a guided tour through the picturesque vineyards, where passionate experts share the rich history behind each varietal and the meticulous process of crafting their award-winning wines. Savor a carefully curated selection of these exquisite wines, allowing your taste buds to explore the intricate complexity and depth of flavors that make Shelton Vineyards exceptional.

The rolling vineyards create a breathtaking backdrop for a stroll, inviting. The inviting outdoor patio calls you to unwind, encouraging reflection and relaxation amidst the serene ambiance. And when it’s time to eat, the Harvest Grill offers an exceptional dining experience. Here, the skilled culinary team transforms locally sourced ingredients into dishes that pay homage to the region’s rich flavors.

The Rockford General Store

The Rockford General Store in the heart of Rockford, North Carolina, embodies the essence of an old-fashioned country store, where time seems to slow down, and a strong sense of community prevails. It’s a beloved destination for locals and visitors, offering a delightful array of goods that harken back to simpler times. The store’s treasure trove evokes nostalgia and wonder, from locally sourced produce to handcrafted products and vintage finds.

Step onto the inviting front porch, enjoy a Grape Nehi or an Orange Crush on a bench, or opt for a rocking chair beside the wood stove and relish in the peaceful ambiance. Rockford General Store provides a welcome respite from the modern world, a haven of hospitality where genuine smiles and unhurried conversations foster a sense of belonging. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a regular patron, you’ll leave feeling like a part of the close-knit Rockford community.

 Dobson’s Local Businesses at Grounded Coffee Co.

Grounded Coffee Co. is a beloved, family-owned coffee shop that exudes a strong sense of community in the heart of Dobson, NC. From the moment you step inside, you’ll feel the warmth and camaraderie that permeates the atmosphere. Coffee enthusiasts will enjoy the diverse offerings, from rich and comforting hot brews to refreshing and invigorating cold beverages. With an impressive array of flavors and specialty drinks, there’s something to please every palate.

For those seeking an extra energy boost, Grounded Coffee Co. serves Lotus Energy Fusions, a perfect pick-me-up to accompany your coffee experience. But Grounded Coffee Co. doesn’t stop at just great coffee; they also offer a tempting selection of food items to compliment your drinks. From freshly baked bagels to delectable muffins and buttery croissants, each bite is a treat worth savoring.

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