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Pilot Mountain

Pilot Mountain is a fun and exciting town located right in the heart of the middle of North Carolina, just a 20-minute drive from the busy and bustling town of Winston-Salem. Pilot Mountain North Carolina features Pilot Mountain State Park, a 2,400-acre natural landscape that features hiking trails, biking paths, incredible outlooks, never-ending vistas, beautiful scenery, lush forests, and camping areas that are perfect for day trips, weekend getaways, or longer excursions.


Pilot Mountain State Park features numerous trails that are great for beginner hikers to expert rock climbers alike. Some trails provide easy and flat paths that are great for kids to explore nature and wildlife, whereas others can get you up close and personal to the Big Pinnacle and provide far-reaching views of the expansive valleys down below.

Pilot Mountain Pilot Mountain

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There are plenty of things to do in Pilot Mountian, NC! Whether you are on a horse or putting on your hiking boots, you will love the woodland area that has ample space for bikers, hikers, and horses to share the path without being crowded. Make sure you take care around the crevices, ravines, and cliffs that dot both sides of the wooded paths that wind their way through the mountains, creeks, and Yadkin River!

We recommend taking the Mountains to Sea State Trail for a strenuous day out on the mountains, coming to around 12.6 miles one way, making for a long and fulfilling day trip that is going to make you sweat and feel accomplished afterward. If you would rather do something a bit easier, try the fiddlehead Trail or Grassy Ridge Trail for a quick hike with kids or older adults!

Park Facilities

You can rest assured that you will be well taken care of when you spend a few hours, or a day, at Pilot Mountain State Park. This beautiful nature area features ample facilities and common space that are great for sharing an event, party, or special time with your loved ones or friends. You can just fill out a Special Activity Permit to host your event or party in this beautiful location!

Park Activities

If you want a break from the everyday hiking, then don’t worry — there are tons of other things for you to do during your time at Pilot Mountain, North Carolina. Along with climbing to the top of the tallest peaks, you can also go on a horse to go horseback riding, grab a boat to go paddling in the bright blue lake, test your luck at catching a few fish in the water, bring some food for a nice takeaway lunch at one of the picnic tables, take a rock climbing lesson, or go birdwatching in the bushy trees.

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