The Blue Ridge Mountains offer stunning views, perfect for a wedding backdrop! If you’re planning to get married in the Blue Ridge Mountains, our North Carolina mountain cabins are the ideal choice for your destination wedding. Read on below for five reasons to plan your North Carolina mountain weddings with us!

Variety of Properties

One of the main reasons why you should stay with us when you want to visit and experience the beauty of the North Carolina mountains is due to our wide variety of properties. We offer large, luxurious cabins that are ideal for when you want the rustic charm of a typical old-school log cabin in the amenities and the modern feel of a new home. There is nothing better than being able to come home and relax after a long day of hiking, swimming, or skiing! When you stay with us at Carolina Getaway Cabins, you can rest assured that no matter where you choose, you will love our properties offered.

Firstly, we offer cabins for couples. This is a great idea for a romantic weekend getaway with your partner when you want to rekindle and spark some magic. Our cabins for couples include just enough space for you and your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, or life partner to have fun hiking in the nearby area, curling up in the shared bed at night, watching a TV to wind down in the evening, and cooking meals together. Some of our most popular homes feature large decks, A-frame designs, interesting architecture and outdoor seating. Modern touches, cool surroundings, and large windows really set these properties apart from others in the area.

Secondly, we offer North Carolina wedding venues in the mountains for large groups so you and a big group of friends or family members can head to the North Carolina mountains, enjoy all there is to do and see the area, and spend time together back in the home. This is a great idea if you want to spend the wedding staying with your family and friends, bridesmaids and groomsmen, or take care of the accommodation planning for your friends coming in from out of town.

Next, we also offer cabins with hot tubs. Nothing is better for a romantic getaway wedding than being able to wind down in a hot tub at night with a glass of wine and your new hubby or wife! We have houses with hot tubs that are good for easing your aching muscles after a long hike in the North Carolina wilderness, standing in heels all day long at your wedding, or just for enjoying a drink in the evening as the weather gets colder.

Lastly, we offer rentals that are suitable for bringing your beloved Fido with you for the big day! Sometimes, hotels and hostels do not allow dogs to come along for the fun. Even though we know they can be messy or bring in dirt from outside of the home, we also know that being able to bring your dog to the wedding and letting them roam free in the acres of North Carolina wilderness is a priority of yours! That is why we offer dozens of pet friendly rentals, like Blue Ridge Mountain View home that can fit you, 15 of your very best friends, and your furry four-legged friend.


Romantic Activities in the Local Area

Along with our property that offers tons of space for you and your group to spread out and relax, romantic evenings with your partner, and cozy bedrooms to get a great night of sleep before the big wedding day, we also know that there is SO many romantic activities for you and your partner to do before you tie the knot. The Blue Ridge Mountains area is home to breathtaking walks, outdoor activities, and couple’s excursions that will make your North Carolina mountain weddings here simply unforgettable.

One of the top things to do with your new husband or wife is to go to the local Mercier Orchards, an organic farm that offers apple-based foods, like crumbly and sweet apple pie, applesauce for a healthy breakfast, apple juice, souvenirs to bring back home, and breathtaking views over the surrounding lake and rolling hills.

Enjoy Adrenaline-Filled Activities!

Another great activity for you and your hubby or wife is to go ziplining together! There is nothing like having the adrenaline rush of going high above the treetops and clinging on to one another for dear life – of course, you are safe the entire time, so you never have to worry! Just put your faith in the hands of the professionals at the Zipline Canopy Tours of Blue Ridge to have a romantic and exciting afternoon.

Lastly, we love going boating with our significant other during a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Head to the Lake Blue Ridge Marina to rent a kaka, motorboat, or pontoon boat to have a few drinks, enjoy watching the sunset from the water, and drive the boat underneath the bridge to get a different view of the town and mountains.

There Are Dozens of Entertainment Opportunities

If you are planning on having your wedding in the Blue Ridge Mountains, there are dozens of entertainment options and attractions for you to visit during your stay. Plus, when you are not at the wedding, your guests will always have something to go do!

Firstly, we love going to watch a show at the local Blue Ridge Community Theater, filled with young actors and actresses who want to put on a show for you. You can also go to the Swan Drive In Theater with your significant other to enjoy this dive-in movie and cuddle with each other in the backseat of your car.

Another fun thing to do with your soon-to-be husband or wife is to listen to live music at the Firefly Music concert series right in the heart of the mountain town. We love spending an evening listening to local musicians and singing along to our favorite songs. Plus, you can plan your wedding at the same time as the infamous Blue Ridge Mountains Wine and Jazz Festival to pair funky beats with pores of cabernet sauvignon!

Our Hands-On Professionals

Finally, the last reason why you should consider going to the Blue Ridge Mountains for your wedding is to use our hands-on professional services that can help you find the ideal house of your dreams. Carolina Getaway Cabins offers dozens of property types that can work for your romantic getaway. Contact us today and start planning your perfect wedding!

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